Patreon – William Skea’s Animal Rescues and Adventure Guiding

Hi everyone!

Cat rescues are expensive. To help us receive more regular donations, I’ve started a charity Patreon account. We would greatly appreciate it if anyone is able to donate towards us on a per/month basis for $15 per month, as multiple of these means we can literally save more cats per month.

I’ve also bundled in lots of adventure guiding and mentorship incentives for higher-tier subscribers: technical articles, 1:1 trip planning and coaching, online lessons, and high-resolution climbing topos from my Sony A1 camera and drone.

All donations via Patreon go directly to the medical expenses of cats in need, minus $1 in administration fees. $30 would typically cover a cat’s 2-week course of antibiotics, while $200-$600 would cover an emergency surgery for a rescued cat, such as major trauma, dentals, and tumor removal.

Here is the link:

Please also follow us on Facebook and Instagram so we can reach a wider audience!

Luna, one of our 200+ cats rescued since 2021:

Luna, rescued from an overcrowded house with flea allergy and anemia.
6 months after her rescue, following her rehabilitation and adopted.
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